ismo leikola - words apart tour

ISMO LEIKOLA - 'Words Apart' tour.

- this show is performed in English!

ISMO started his comedy career in 2002 in his home country of Finland. There, ISMO wrote and starred in 2 seasons of his own sitcom, ISMO. He filmed three DVD Specials from 2008 to 2016, and has sold-out numerous concert halls and theatres across the UK and Finland. He has been gaining attention at the biggest comedy festivals around the world, including Just For Laughs Montreal, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Now, in 2018, he is debuting his oneman show “Words Apart”.

ISMO made his US debut in 2014 at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood where he won the title of “The Funniest Person in the World.” In 2016, he moved to Los Angeles and performs regularly at the Laugh Factory, the Comedy and Magic Club, the Melrose Improv and the Ice House. He has appeared on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly and just became the first Finnish Comedian to perform on Conan in 2018. Ismo’s clip from Conan has been viewed 63+ million times.
ISMO is unique in how he uses his outsiders point of view to find humor in the most ordinary things.

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Show date:

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4. - OBS: two shows, same date!

- 6:00pm and

- 8:00pm (sold out)

Ticket price:

kr. 100,- (+ billetgebyr) 

WATCH: YouTube - ISMO perform in the Conan O'Brien Show

Reviews 2018:

COMEDY FESTIVAL, Melbourne Town Hall, By Broede Carmody:
"A BREATH OG FRESH FINNAIR! Ismo Leikola is obsessed with the English language. Actually, he's obsessed with a lot of things: warm weather, his wife's numerous bathroom products and the sounds men make when they're, ahem, having a nice time. But it's the Nordic comedian's unique observations about the English language that really set him apart. His dry Finnish humour could have easily been lost in translation. Same, too, with his baffled foreigner shtick. But somehow it all comes together – with audiences chuckling from start to finish.
Why are there so many variations of the word "shit"? How has the "th" sound survived in modern English when it sounds like the speaker is having a stroke? ...If you're after something different, Words Apart is the show to see!"

JFL42, TORONTO ON, September 20 - 2018, by Julianna Romanyk:

".....One of Ismo's greatest strengths is his ability to see English from an outsider's perspective. Much like his Conan set, which deconstructs the many diverse uses of the word "ass," Ismo's show at the Garrison included a very nuanced explanation of differences between bullshit, chicken shit, batshit, apeshit, my shit, your shit and losing your shit.
The care in his writing was wonderfully witty, and his matter-of-fact delivery made it even funnier. Likewise, he mined his perspective as a person who learned English as a second language for some amazingly original material about English words he doesn't approve of, such as "birth control" and "squirrel..."