Simon Talbot and russelL howard - testshows


- Out of respect for our performers a 15-year minimum age limit applies to members of the audience here at Theatre Play.

- Our cafe opens one hour before the show begins. Various beverages and snacks are available.

- The doors to the theatre room will open approx. 5 minutes before the beginning of the show and will close precisely at showtime - so please make sure to arrive here way ahead of that.

Thanks :-) See ya!

Simon Talbot and Russell Howard - testshows

- all shows will be performed in English. Off course, one might say :-) 


Update 16/7: all dates are SOLD OUT - sorry!

Ticket price: 150,- kr. 

(hey - its a summerdiscount, because the Danish government pays the other half of the ticket! Normal price: 300,- kr.)  

Showdates and -times:

Note that some shows are early, and some dates have to showtimes:

Wednesday 22 juli kl 16:30
Thursday 23 juli kl. 16:30
Friday 24 juli kl. 16:30
Saturday 25 juli kl 16:30 AND 20:00
Monday 27 juli kl. 16:30 AND kl. 20:00


Simon Talbot is doing his first-ever English speaking tour in October (tickets on In preparation, he is trying out a bunch of new and old material – all in English. 

His friend and colleague, the wildly successful comedian Russell Howard, is joining him. Russell hasn’t performed since the lockdown, and can’t wait to bring all of his thoughts and ideas to Theater Play. 

It’s going to be 2½ hours of new, old, untested and tested material. Get ready for fantastic nights of comedy – a lot of the content will probably never be done again… And thank God for that.