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Rachman Blake is a huge succes at Theater Play! 

He is planning more showdates with his Comedy Experience, 

so check the 'buy TICKETS-button' for available tickets. 

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What. A. Night. My abs still hurt from the great laughs.. Amazing content. Amazing stories. I recommend this show to everyone!!!
- Nobubele from Johannesburg
Definitely a class apart from all the comedy shows or storytelling acts I’ve ever watched! Thanks for a brilliant show, come back to India soon!
- Megha from Bombay
"Thanks for a brilliant night and pulling me out of my comfort zone (to shake like a leaf on stage and tell my story) - definitely will remember this one... Fun night for sure "
- Claudia from Prague
"I only got interested in this show because they speak my language - sarcasm it was awesome. Ppl with no filter at all telling their stories and its hilarious Thank for the laugh guys "
- Helina from Hamburg
“Funny cuz it's true! This show is so relatable single, in a relationship or in between, you shouldn't miss this! Thanks for a night of good laughs..!
- Karoline from Oslo
“Have seen 2 shows so far and will go to the next one! Loved it, keep it going ”
- Samantha from Perth
“The show was amazing! Can’t wait for the next one”
- Danyel from Vancouver
“My cheeks still hurt! Will def come back!”
- Claudia from Boston
“I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time ”
- Clare from London
Had an amazing time on stage! thank you all so much for letting me come up on stage to tell my failed dating stories
- Ramond from Singapore

Please note that:

- out of respect for our performers a 15-year minimum age limit applies to members of the audience here at Theatre Play.

- Our bar opens 60 minutes before the show begins. Various beverages and snacks are available.

- The doors to the theatre room will close precisely at showtime - so please make sure to arrive here way ahead of that. 
Thanks :-)